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Environmental and ecological site supervision

As part of the implementation of large-scale projects, a number of environmentally relevant specifications (requirements from approval notices, measures from the project and regulations of official supervisory bodies) must be observed and complied with. The environmental and / or ecological building supervision supports the client in the control and documentation of the fulfillment of these specifications.

Our services

  • Preparation, participation and follow-up of environmentally relevant project and construction meetings
  • Supporting the client in staffing special environmentally relevant site supervision (hydraulic engineering, hydrogeology, sanitary engineering, ecology, limnology, forestry, soil science, waste management, archaeology)
  • Interface management (builder, legal advice for the builder, appraiser, building supervision, authorities)
  • Ensuring any necessary measurements and examinations
  • Consolidation of required reports and processing of the reporting system
  • Ongoing documentation of the fulfillment of individual requirements by means of reports and photo documentation
  • Checking the congruence of the execution and documentation of all requirements with the legal and official requirements
  • Environmental assessment of minor project deviations
  • Summary assessment of environmental impacts in the case of major project modifications for the authorities to weigh up with regard to §18b UVP-G/EIA procedure (project modification procedure)
  • Technical handling of complaint management
  • Preparation of the documents for the approval by the authorities (if necessary for partial approval)
  • Handover of relevant permanent operational requirements to the departments responsible for later operation
  • Development of operationally relevant verification documents (e.g. provisional operational regulations, accident concept, concept continuations)