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Permit requirements database

Our permit requirements database (“VUM-manage”) is an integral part of VUM’s services regarding the management of approval permits. Apart from any adjustment and server costs that may be required, the client does not incur any additional costs. The AFM database can also be purchased without additional services from VUM for use in a specific project.


Features of the AFM database

  • The permit requirements database is a web-based database solution to ensure that construction works and operation of complex infrastructure and industrial projects comply with the approval permits issued for them.
  • It is suitable for all digital devices and smartphones.
  • The database was designed by people who are entrusted with the management of requirements for large projects and are also their users. It exactly meets the needs of its
  • The AFM database is a project management tool that is adapted to the specific requirements of the project (tasks, roles, deadlines, responsibilities, reporting).
  • All official permit requirements and project specifications are translated into any number of one-off or recurring tasks. Responsible persons and deadlines are defined for the fulfillment of each of these tasks. Reminder functions help to fulfill all tasks on time.
  • The status of task completion as well as deviations in content and missed deadlines can be quickly identified using a traffic light system.
  • Documents (e.g. photos, measurement reports, logs) can be easily linked to requirements and tasks. This creates traceability and above all, location-independent availability. Linked documents can be exported at any time in a clear folder structure.
  • Requirements, tasks and associated documents can be located via a GIS interface (ArcGIS).
  • The AFM database enables reporting adapted to the needs of the target group (e.g. reports to authorities, project managers, steering teams) in various common data formats (such as .pdf, .doc, .xls).