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Pollutant and contaminant exploration



Pollutant and contaminant exploration

According to the Recycling Building Materials Ordinance, buildings must be checked for the presence of pollutants and impurities before demolition.

Our services

  • Research into the location, construction and usage situation (incl. suspected area survey)
  • Creation of an inspection concept
  • Inspections and investigations of the project components to be dismantled
  • Determination of the survey and assessment scope and creation of a sampling plan for pollutant detection
  • Ensuring sampling and building material analyses
  • Creation of property descriptions in accordance with Appendix A of ÖNORM B 2251 on the basis of existing documents on the inventory
  • Plausibility check of the documents and property inspections
  • Estimation of the main components according to the Recycling Building Materials Ordinance (cubic volumes and masses)
  • Carrying out an indicative investigation of pollutants and impurities in accordance with ÖNORM B 3151 “Deconstruction of buildings as a standard demolition method” or
  • Carrying out a comprehensive investigation of pollutants and impurities in accordance with ÖNORM EN ISO 16000-32 “Indoor air pollution, Part 32: Analysis of buildings for pollutants”
  • Creation of a dismantling concept according to ÖNORM B 3151
  • Creation of an overall report based on an existing analysis report

Partial services in the area of analysis and sampling can be outsourced by VUM to external, authorized and qualified partners.