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Waste management



Waste management

We contribute our waste management expertise to approval and implementation projects in a variety of ways. As waste management site supervisors, we are responsible for compliance with waste management requirements and measures during construction. For this purpose, the waste management site supervision is equipped with the necessary authority to issue orders and knowledge of the basics according to the Austrian Landfill Ordinance 2008 and BAWP 2017.

Our services


  • Construction site inspections and assessments as well as advice on waste management issues
  • Participation in construction meetings and meetings with contractors, experts and authorities


  • Monitoring of the official requirements from the approval permits and the measures from the project
  • Documentation of the fulfillment of the requirements and measures by means of inspection logs, statements and reports as well as by means of VUM’s own database software “VUM-manage”
  • Documentation of the type, quantity, origin and fate of non-hazardous and hazardous waste
  • Carrying out evidence in accordance with §17 AWG 2002 and the provisions of the Waste Proof Ordinance and the Recycling Building Materials Ordinance on the type, quantity and whereabouts of the waste produced
  • Documentation of the waybill system for hazardous waste
  • Preparation of annual and final reports

Soil excavation

  • Creation of examination and sampling concepts for basic characterizations in accordance with the Landfill Ordinance 2008 and BAWP 2017
  • Accompanying and checking the implementation of basic characterizations
  • Advice on special issues (e.g. interim storage and further treatment of excavated soil)

Communication & Quality Assurance

  • Main contact person for official landfill supervisors and auditors
  • Advising the client and drafting statements on waste-specific issues
  • Communication with the client in the event of defects being identified
  • Communication with the authorities in the event of contamination and incidents
  • Appointment of a waste officer for the organization of waste disposal
  • Verification of authorizations for the collection and treatment of waste by reviewing existing permits and querying the EDM system