Engineering and environmental technology

Local and technical site supervision



Local and technical site supervision

The local site supervision as well as the specialist site supervision for electrical engineering support the client in bringing the project to a factual/technical, economically optimized, timely and safe realization. We provide support with the documentation and elaboration of decision-making criteria for the client, as well as advice and cooperation in project coordination. We provide our services primarily for systems and projects in the energy industry.

Our services

Construction supervision and coordination

  • Monitoring of the execution for compliance with the official regulations, the work contract including the execution plans and the service descriptions, as well as the generally recognized rules of technology or the state of the art and the relevant regulations
  • Direct coordination with the executing companies
  • Coordination of the project participants
  • Support of the planning and construction site coordinator in the implementation, initiation and enforcement of the necessary safety measures

Documentation and reporting

  • Conducting and taking minutes of meetings
  • Regular reporting to the client
  • Creation of digital photo documentation


  • Plausibility check of the quality standards and execution details presented in the planning
  • Control of materials, quality and dimensional accuracy
  • Examination of the implementation or assembly plans of the executing company for compliance with the project


  • Joint determination of measurements with the executing companies
  • Checking of all invoices for technical and mathematical correctness and conformity with the contract
  • Formal verification of the invoices and creation of an invoice verification sheet
  • Ongoing cumulative cost determination
  • Review of additional offers / additional and reduced cost requirements / implementation alternatives


  • Establishing, updating and monitoring the control schedules for the construction process
  • Creation of detailed schedules in coordination with the executing companies and the other technical parties involved in the construction supervision

Acceptance, takeover and handover

  • Documentation and monitoring of official requirements from the relevant notifications (EIA, building law, water law, energy law, workplace permits, etc.)
  • Acceptance of the execution services with the participation of the client and those technically involved in the planning and construction supervision
  • Coordination of acceptance tests by external test centers (e.g. sound reports, material tests, grounding measurements, pressure vessel ordinance, etc.)
  • Participation in official acceptance procedures
  • Handover of the building to the client, including compilation, examination and handover of the necessary documents (such as test reports, operating instructions, training reports, etc.)
  • Determination and processing of defects during the construction phase (construction damage), at the final approval and at the final determination