Projects and approval procedures

expert reports (eia)



Environmental Impact Statement / Environmental Submissions

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is an essential part of the submission documents for projects that require approval under the Austrian EIA-legislation “UVP-G. This includes the description of the current situation, the impacts on the environment that (can) result from the project in all phases, as well as the measures to avoid and reduce possible negative impacts. Comparable requirements also apply to other permitting regimes that involve comprehensive environmental assessments, such as:


  • Plan approval procedures
  • Spatial planning procedures
  • Nature conservation, forestry and water law procedures
  • Special species protection assessments
  • Compatibility studies in accordance with the Flora-Fauna-Habitat Directive (FFH) and the Bird Protection Directive

Our services

  • Development of the structure of the submission documents and the environmental impact statement including definition of the scope of services for the processing of individual specialist fields
  • • Defining the scope of the investigation (screening) in cooperation with experts from different disciplines
  • Defining the scope of the investigation with the authority (scoping)
  • Defining the necessary investigations
  • Development of measures to avoid and reduce impacts
  • Coordination of all parties involved (project applicants, experts, authorities, law, technical planning)
  • Quality assurance (completeness, consistency) and deadline tracking

Waste management submission documents

The expert report on “Waste Management” describes and assesses the waste management aspects of a project as part of the EIS. In particular, we examine the possible project effects on the environment with regard to the type, quantity and treatment of waste and we illustrate its legal compliance. Our waste management experts take all project phases into account (construction, operation, incidents and aftercare).

Our services

  • Description of the current state of waste management
  • Description of the main waste-related effects
  • Development of measures to avoid and reduce impacts

Climate and energy concept

A climate and energy concept is a mandatory part of the submission documents for environmental impact assessments.

Our services

  • Calculation of the energy requirement broken down by facilities, equipment and energy sources
  • Presentation of the energetic key figures and energy flows
  • Development of proposals for measures to increase energy efficiency
  • Calculation of the emissions of greenhouse gases from the project, including the development of measures to reduce emissions
  • Examination and confirmation of the state of the art

EIS Summary

Part of an environmental impact statement is a generally understandable summary, which we create in accordance with the legal requirements.