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Grounding and electromagnetic interference

We offer services in the field of grounding systems, interference and line parameter calculations and support our clients in the following areas, among others:

  • Design of grounding systems
  • Evaluation of Ohm’s influence on transmission towers, cable joints and other high-voltage technology systems
  • Inductive interference analysis of pipelines, telecommunication lines, etc.
  • Calculation of line parameters of overhead lines and cables (including untwisted and asymmetrical ones)
  • Calculation of the chain conductor and the earth wire or cable shield reduction factors, even in complex arrangements such as discontinuities (e.g. overhead line to cable) and in parallel systems

We offer numerous measurements to support this, such as:

  • Measurement of the specific grounding resistance using the four-probe method (Wenner, Schlumberger, dipole-dipole etc.) according to EN 50522 or IEEE Std. 81, if necessary with inversion to multi-layer models
  • Measurement of grounding impedance, grounding voltage and compliance with touch voltages at grounding systems such as substations, power plants and electrical pylons according to EN 50522 or EN 50341
  • Measurement of the line impedances of overhead lines and cables